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Our Pinehurst Gallery is more than one of the finest trips you can take back into Golf’s history. We support the worldwide community of golf collectors with important services to create more value for your collection. Whether you are growing or divesting your collection, we are here to assist you with authentication, appraisal, marketing, and sales. Visit the Old Golf Shop in Pinehurst, or contact us today to discuss how we may be of assistance.


Certificate of Authentication. Provenance. Condition Report. Rarity Assessment. Market Report. Summary & Comments.


Appraisal includes Authenticity Certificate. Market Report. Summary & Comments. Collectors’ Listing & Digital Booklet.


Create Collateral. Execute Campaigns. Digital Booklets. Gallery Display. Website Feature Collection. Custom Campaigns.


Thru Our Network We Manage Sales on Fee and Commission via Gallery and Website. Consignment. Affiliate Referral. Auctions.


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Menu of Services

  • Certification
  • $ TBD / from $200
  • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Provenance
    • Condition Report
    • Rarity Assessment
    • Market Report
    • Summary & Comments

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  • Appraisal
  • $ TBD / from $400
  • Certificate of Appraisal
    • Authenticity Certificate
    • Market Report
    • Summary & Comments
    • OGS Collectors’ Listing
    • Digital Booklets

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  • Marketing
  • $ TBD / from $500
  • Collateral & Campaigns
    • Digital Booklets
    • Gallery Display
    • Website Feature
    • Old Golf Collection
    • Custom Campaign

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  • Sales
  • $ TBD / Fee or %
  • Fee & Commission
    • Gallery & Website
    • Consignment
    • Affiliate
    • Referral
    • Auction

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Passion & Experience

You'll love what we do for you!

Are you a seasoned expert, or looking for your first special item?  We’ve been passionate collectors of fine golf memorabilia for over 100 years. If it’s not on display in Old Golf Shop, we probably know where to find it. And, if you can’t find the right buyer, we have those too! We look forward to assisting you.