Superb Douglas McEwan short spoon, ca. 1840

Superb Douglas McEwan short spoon, ca. 1840

A superb Douglas McEwan short spoon, ca. 1840, bearing the original natural resin varnish oxidized by time. Douglas was one of two master clubmakers to share top honors as a featherball era maker with St. Andrews’ Hugh Philp.

Note the well lofted and well ‘hooked’ face so typical of this era’s master craftsmen. The head is from an Apple tree, and is quite stiff. The grip is the original sheepskin.

Short spoons are quite scarce in general as the manner of playing these clubs was to strike the ground while lofting the ball. So many fine necked featherball era short spoons were broken as a result of such contact with the ground

This example is not just a fine example of McEwan’s craft in original condition, but an important example of an early short spoon.


June 20, 2017


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