Membership ‘Diploma’ 1784

Membership ‘Diploma’ 1784

Old Golf Shop is proud to offer a rare Membership ‘Diploma’ to the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (Muirfield), dated 1784.

As one of a few known to have survived, this example was created for Andrew Duncan, a physician in Edinburgh. Dr. Duncan was an important figure in golf history, as a member of 7 golfing societies and Captain of 3. He was one of the respondents to Thistle Golf Club’s secretary John Cundell’s plea for knowledge as to the origins of golf in 1824 when the Doctor was 83 years old.

Current scholarship has concluded that Andrew Duncan and his son Andrew are attributed to the stamped letters “AD” as seen on 5 late 18th-century wooden clubs once claimed to be made by a clubmaker named Andrew Dickson, but ca. 1750.

As the clubs have 2 different metal stamped letters, and the clubs all bear characteristics of 1780-1810 made clubs, scholars conclude that father and son Duncan were the owners of these clubs, and counter the myth previously believed.

The document is in remarkable condition and is signed by James Balfour.


June 13, 2017


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