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Old Golf Shop was founded by Morton W Olman in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1970. Olman was a successful commercial real estate broker who had a life long passion for golf and golf’s fascinating history.

Having been traveling to Scotland and England since the 1960’s, Mort had developed his passion for golf history, and documented that passion with a selection of rare and important relics from golf’s deep past.

By the late 1960’s, he charted a course to open a business of helping others learn about the game’s past, and helping those with similar interests find golf memorabilia. He opened Old Golf Shop for that purpose, and began several trips per year to Scotland in pursuit of knowledge and collectibles. Mort Olman became The Godfather of golf collecting in the US.

Bob Hansen began serious collecting of early golf antiques in 1968. He specialized in the history of golf’s earliest days, and the artifacts of the era. Bob met Mort Olman in 1972, and a match was made from which one of the oldest collections of rare golf memorabilia was assembled over 50 years, with items dating back to the 1600’s.

Together, Mort and Bob developed a database of history, knowledge of the rarest artifacts, and an acute understanding of the people who developed and shaped this game we all so admire.

In 2009, Olman asked Hansen to come for a visit to his beloved farm to discuss all they had accomplished. At the conclusion of that gathering, Olman passed on the copyright and trademark for Old Golf Shop to Hansen, instructing “one day you will follow along and help others learn and find joy in the hobby”.

In early 2014, Bob Hansen approached a longtime friend and historian Mike Daniels about the prospects of reopening the Old Golf Shop in the center of Pinehurst, the Home of American Golf…and here we are today.

Mike Daniels has spent nearly 40 years locating fine golf antiques and helping others build fine collections, acquire individual pieces, and market collections worldwide. His knowledge is as extensive as is his willingness to share it.

Old Golf Shop is fortunate to have relationships with many serious collectors in the world of golf collecting. Many have engaged Old Golf Shop to represent some of the world’s finest individual pieces and collections.

Old Golf Shop is blessed with a myriad of sources for a wide range of golf antiques spanning golf’s earliest history and reaching to today. Located in the center of the Village of Pinehurst, Old Golf Shop stands unique as a supplier of golf memorabilia and the knowledge to fully appreciate the culture of the game.

It is an honor for Bob and Mike to serve the golf collectors community sharing our combined 90 years of experiences with a broad range of fine memorabilia. Come visit and see for yourself.

This website is but a small sample of available items. We will continue to add to the listings, however our inventory is simply too extensive and diverse to list on the site. Please call with questions or your “want list” to learn more about our inventory.

And remember…we are also here to help you learn.

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We are carrying on the tradition that Mort Olman, the “Godfather of  golf collecting in the US” envisioned for Old Golf Shop, “Helping others learn and find joy in the hobby.”

Old Golf Shop serves the worldwide golf collectors community by sharing our knowledge and experience of the Game’s rich history and fine memorabilia. Everyone can step into the History and Culture of the Game in our Pinehurst gallery where we display a large sample of Golf’s finest artifacts. We assist new and experienced collectors in pursuit of their passion.

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I don't play golf, but I'm an avid collector of fine memorabilia and art. Bob and Mike have never steered me wrong. Highest praise for their integrity and knowledge.

Alan Snow

My husband has been collecting since meeting Bob and Mike during our 1st visit to Pinehurst almost 10 years ago. I just call them whenever I need a really special present for Thomas.

Susan Lynch